Let APR create a customized cleaning experience for your business with a variety of detailing specialties. APR offers one-time, commitment free services, along with contract services specially designed for each customer. See below for more details.

Hood Cleaning

To prevent fires and maintain the cleanliness and safety of commercial kitchens, regular cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system must occur. APR has the tools and knowledge to provide efficient cleaning of the exhaust system including filters, hoods, fans, and ducts. Contract services are available.


Interior Cleaning

In addition to exhaust and equipment cleaning, APR offers additional power washing and sanitizing services for your business. APR will clean your kitchen floors complimentarily with any hood/exhaust cleaning, and offers one-time or contractual sanitizing services for kitchens, offices, dining rooms, foyers, and bathrooms.

Interior of Restaurant

Equipment Cleaning

Managing a restaurant takes time and energy, not always leaving time to properly clean all kitchen equipment. APR will take away your worries by providing after-hour equipment cleaning services for any commercial appliances. Service includes removal of grease and food sediment, chemical soaking or washing, and rinsing of all equipment. 


Exterior Cleaning

Exterior appearance is vital in attracting customers.  Parking lot and building appearance made Reader's Digest's list on how to determine the quality of a restaurant. If customers know nothing about your business or quality of food, they will make an assumption based on the exterior appearance. With the help of APR, ensure yourself that customer perception is at its highest. Customers can view a poorly maintained or dirty exterior as an indication of the overall cleanliness of your establishment. Parking lots, sidewalks, dumpster pads, windows, and building exteriors will be cleaned professionally and sufficiently. APR technicians are skilled and experienced in exterior detailing. Call today to start revitalizing your investment. Contract services available.

The Restaurant


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